As iNum ambassadors we offer +88 35 100 world iNum numbers

iNum started in November 2008 to create a global dial code iNum bridges isolated networks together:

internet telephony networks, social networks, the traditional telephone network, gaming platforms and more.

Because it is a supernational phone number, iNum does not belong to any one country’s numbering plan. The goal of iNum is to enable it as a local call from all countries: a phone number for planet Earth.

Worldwide Numbers
For the UK we offer:

Country specific local geographic landline numbers

Country specific local calls

Country free services eg 1800 US toll free

Country access to special service numbers

USA: 411, 311, etc

Russian: 107,115, 100 etc.

For the world we offer:

UK geographic landline numbers

UK local calls

UK free services eg 080 UK freephone calls

UK access to special service numbers

0870, 0844, 0845, 0330 etc.
Starting at £5 +vat per month
and no contract.

If you need equipment, either a standalone handset or equipment for your current telephone system, we can supply that.

Our Cloud PABX
Cloud PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) is a private telephone switching system that is hosted by us and transmitted over the web Cloud PABX acts as the exchange point for businesses, routing calls, and each phone only needs an extension, not a phone number.

The cloud PABX handles all calls made within the company, and delivers calls over the web
Our virtual PBX - a powerul and highly advanced cloud-based phone solutions - offers many of the same features and benefits of a traditional PBX, at a fraction of the cost. A PBX for all your offices, locations, and off-site staff members and agents. No hardware at your facility - it's all virtual - so you don't have maintenance or update costs.